Exec Pro VA

silver package

Your investment 

By selecting our SILVER package you are assured we will work on your business for 15 hours a month guaranteed.  That's 3/4 hours a week in a 4 week month or 3 hours a week in a five week month.  That works out to only £390 a month!

If you could do with saving 15 hours a month to concentrate on growing and gaining more clients for your business then this is the package for you.  We will do any admin work you need.

This package is popular with those who know what they need.  

An example of what we can do in this time is. 

  • Manage your inbox and diary.  Professionally respond to your emails on your behalf so you don't lose business when you can't be around and manage your appointment for you so you never have to miss anything again.
  • Manage your CRM system
  • Manage your expenses and Xero system
  • Type correspondence
  • Manage your invoices and send out reminders
  • Book travel and accommodation
  • Co-ordinate your projects so you never miss a deadline
  • Data Entry and build up your client list

If you'd like to secure your own PA for 15 hours each month, your investment works out to only £390 per month!  You get a fully experienced office professional who has your back as and when you need them.  

Hiring a remote worker makes so much sense so why not call Carol today for a no obligation chat on 07951469007.

'Linda runs a chain of restaurants. She has no time to spend responding to emails and updating KPI's or staff holidays.  She also needs an accurate record of her monthly Exec meeting. By outsourcing to us she's free to spend time running her businesses with peace of mind and is assured of our confidentiality at all times'.

Updated: 23-11-2019