Exec Pro VA


Your investment 

By selecting our PLATINUM package you are assured we will work on your business for 25+hours a month guaranteed.  That's 6.25 hours a week in a 4 week month or 5 hours a week in a five week month.

If you could do with saving 25 hours a month to concentrate on growing and gaining more clients for your business then this is the package for you.  We will do any admin work you need.

This package is for those busy executives with no time on their hands for the menial tasks.  They need someone to have their back every day.  When you think about it, the minimum salary for a Personal Assistant is approximately £2,500.00 a month. Not to mention all the benefits you'd have to pay for like Pension contributions, desk space, sick and holiday pay, and so much more.  

An example of what we can do in this time is. 

  • Provide high-level administrative support to executives in a company.
  • Making appointments, setting business meetings and creating the agenda.
  • Ensure any outstanding actions from previous meetings are updated.
  • reviewing incoming reports, and setting the executive's daily schedule.
  • Manage your CRM system.
  • Conduct market research and prepare statistical reports.
  • Manage correspondence. 
  • Manage your invoices and send out reminders.
  • Book travel and accommodation.
  • Co-ordinate your projects so you never miss a deadline.
  • Data Entry and build up your client list.
  • Create beautiful PowerPoint presentations or blog posts or newsletters.
  • Updating your website blogs and news items
  • Ensuring expenses are sent in on time.

If you'd like to secure your own PA for 25+ hours each month, your investment works out to £750 a month.  You get a fully experienced Executive Assistant who has your back as and when you need them.  

Hiring a remote worker makes so much sense so why not call Carol today for a no obligation chat on 07951469007.

'Carol is a huge asset to my business. She never fails to amaze me and is proactive and often thinks of things before I do.  She's flexible, adaptable, keen to learn new skills and makes my job easier. She has excellent diary and email management, excellent co-ordination of social and company events, budget activity and various ad-hoc pieces of work, including international travel. Her communications skills are second to none. She has fast become a valued member of my team.' 

Updated: 08-11-2019