Your Can’t Miss To Do List
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Here are some exciting tasks to tackle during this season, making them more enjoyable:

It’s that wonderful time of year when self employed individuals get to start on their thrilling tax adventure! If you’ve been savvy, you’ll have maintained a spreadsheet or document with all your income and expenditures for the past tax year. We highly recommend taking a moment to check out the HMRC’s accepted expenses to ensure there have been no exciting changes since last year. 

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Time to plan for next year: Get ready for a thrilling financial expedition! It’s time to review your financial statements, budgets, and forecasts. Dive into your financial health and get set to make some exhilarating adjustments for the rest of the year. Are you considering raising your hourly rate or giving your block booking price a makeover? Is your profit-making journey living up to your wildest dreams? If you’d like assistance with any of these tasks, don’t hesitate to schedule an hour with me. With my 20 years experience, I can turn these financial adventures into stress-free, enjoyable journeys, just as I’ve done for countless others like you.

Plan next year’s Promotional Magic: Get ready for a delightful adventure as you conjure up your marketing campaigns for the upcoming holiday season and the exciting year ahead.

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Prepare to Party with Promotions: Get ready for a hilarious and exhilarating ride as we explore special promotions, email marketing antics, and social media shenanigans to turbocharge your sales!


Before you know it, those splendid festivities like Halloween and Christmas will come knocking at your door. Have you laid out the blueprints for your epic social media campaigns yet? Any top-secret, extra special products you’re itching to unleash upon the world? It’s time to make your business the life of the party! Or contact us and let us do it for you:

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Customer Enchantment: Get ready to turn customer engagement into a wild and thrilling adventure! We’re setting sail on a mission to retain and engage our cherished customers. Think loyalty programs that’ll have them dancing back through the doors, and special offers that’ll make them do cartwheels with joy! 
Are you lightning-fast at replying to messages and emails, or do you need to don your superhero cape in the response-time department? Perhaps it’s time to whip up an exclusive, ‘VIP-only’ offer that’ll make returning customers feel like the real stars of the show. 
Mastering the Art of Inventory Bliss: Ready for an exciting inventory adventure? First, put on your detective hat and delve into your stock levels. It’s time to make sure you’ve got the goods to impress. 
Now, let’s uncover those shy, under-appreciated items hiding in the corners of your filing system. Let’s give them the spotlight, consider the power of discounts or irresistible promotions. Roll out the red carpet and watch those items take centre stage, dazzling your customers with their newfound appeal. It’s like turning your inventory into a blockbuster show where every item has its moment to shine! 
Digital Defender Checkup: Unlocking the Secrets of Cybersecurity: Dive into the captivating realm of cybersecurity assessment! In a world rampant with digital dangers, embark on a thrilling journey to evaluate and fortify your cyber defences. Guard your treasure trove of data and precious customer information with impenetrable shields. And don’t forget, is your ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) registration up to date, ensuring you’re on the cutting edge of data protection? 
This ties in seamlessly with your Techno-Makeover: Channel your inner tech guru and scrutinise your technology landscape for upgrades and enhancements that can supercharge your business operations. It’s time to turbocharge your tech arsenal and stay ahead of the game! 

Is your laptop taking a siesta?

Is Your Laptop Taking a Siesta? Sometimes, even the speediest laptop can hit the snooze button due to pesky WiFi or overdue updates. 

Time for a Tech Checkup! Have you given your software and hardware updates a friendly nod recently? They might be feeling a bit neglected and in need of a refresh to help your laptop zip along, not crawl! 

A blonde lady with raised arms and a laptop keyboard in view on the desk.

Unleash Your Inner Community Superhero! Dive into the thrilling world of community involvement and social responsibility initiatives. It’s not just about boosting your company’s reputation; it’s about making a real impact.

What Lights Your Fire? Is there something you’re passionate about, or a service your business provides that you could sprinkle like confetti on your local community?

Here’s a Real-Life Superhero: One of our team members transforms into a superhero at local schools! Using their storytelling and creativity she organises exciting reading sessions inspiring the next generation of heroes.

Join the Hero Squad and make a difference!

Legal and Compliance: Get ready for an adventure in the wild world of legal and compliance! It’s time to dust off those business contracts, licenses, and rulebooks.

Explore the Legal Jungle: Roam through the dense thicket of paperwork and make sure everything is in order. Do your contracts need sprucing-up, or licenses need a renewal?

Join us on this expedition, where we’ll make the legal and compliance world not only interesting but downright thrilling! If you need support with this, get in touch

Networking and Partnerships: Get ready for the thrilling journey of networking to expand your professional connections and uncover potential partnerships that’ll rock your business world!

Step into the Networking Arena: It’s time to trade in those comfy joggers for that snazzy outfit you’ve been dying to show off! Go to local industry events, conferences, or dive into the world of networking groups. These events aren’t just gatherings; they’re treasure troves of opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Our very own Networking Queen is here to lend a helping hand. She’s got the inside scoop on what to expect at networking meetings, whether they’re online or face-to-face. Let her guide you through the secrets of making connections that matter!

Business Survival Strategy: Take a fresh look at your business continuity plan to ensure your company can weather unexpected disruptions. If your business can’t operate without you, it’s time to fortify your defences!

Image of a calculator and a measurement scale with a pen resting on top

magine this….. you’re a dedicated virtual assistant and working from home. You provide an impeccable service to clients all over the country. One morning, you wake up feeling unusually fatigued, unable to leave your bed and panic sets in as you realise your work was slipping, emails piling up, and clients noticing your absence.

What if you had a virtual network of fellow remote workers and colleagues who come to your rescue and temporarily cover your workload. This is the power of community in the world of remote work.
Remember, your business is like a box of chocolates (Forest Gump – my favourite movie), you never know what you’re going to get! The tasks you choose to prioritise will be your secret recipe for success.

And guess what? October is one of the best months to set the stage for a fantastic year-end and a brilliant start to the next! It’s time to showcase your business brilliance to the world!