Why did I decide to leave my secure permanent job to become a Virtual Assistant?
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I think the picture I chose tells it all really. I felt trapped in a system of Corporate Bureaucracy and Red Tape.

I’m a free thinker and creative. I love variety and learning new things. I was stuck in a rut, doing the same ole stuff day in and day out and I wanted out after 14 years building an empire for someone else and making my boss look good. I saw no way out though as I had to work!

Why did i leave my permanent job to become a VA?

Then something happened!

I had an accident on a camping trip.

I guess I know why my friends call me ‘Tigger’ now. I ‘m rather bubbly and get excited about new things – like a big kid really.

Hey, I’ve not been camping since I was 11 and I was excited about sleeping in a Transit Van! Not one with all the camping stuff in it, just an empty van with a mattress plonked in the back!

I got over this pretty quickly though after the first night. haha.

Well, my jumping around like an idiot across the field caused me to fall in a hole and tear the tendons in my calf! I couldn’t drive or walk without crutches!

Well, I couldn’t go into work! I had responsibilities. Not to mention I’d promised I’d cover for a fellow PA while she was on holiday.

The only solution was to work from home. So, I suggested this to my boss. Of course, she said yes, she had no choice, or she’d have no support at all.

After a week of working from home, I realised there was nothing I did in the office I couldn’t do from home, (except printing).

In fact, I was able to offer so much more support as I wasn’t being constantly interrupted by colleagues wanting to have a chat or pass on some gossip or other or just ‘go for a quick coffee’.

The end result was, my boss and her team were amazed at how much work I was getting through and how much time they saved not having to send unnecessary emails to ask if something was done or not as I’d already done it! So, you see, with no interruptions I was able to support them even more – Yay! 
That’s when I knew what I wanted to do. I want to make a difference in the World – yes, the World! Even if it’s in a small way. I care about people, I always have. I’m the kind of person who likes helping people. I can’t change that. It’s who I am. 
I want to spend more time with my family and lovely beagle, Belle, who hardly ever saw me. When they did, I’d be too tired to give them the full attention they deserved, and I was constantly catching up on sleep at weekends in readiness for work on Monday. Is that what life is all about? Work, sleep, work, etc – you get the picture. 
So, long story short I decided I’d use my experience and knowledge and help business owners reach their goals and grow their business by offering to do their admin for them. I know I’m an extremely efficient PA, so why not an extremely efficient Virtual Assistant? 
The keyword here is in the word ‘virtual’ because all I need is my laptop and an Internet connection. So, I could do what I love, and virtual assistance fits the bill perfectly. 
Now I have so much more ‘job’ satisfaction. My clients love what I do for them and most of my new clients come from recommendations from existing clients. 
I now run a team of Virtual Assistants. I’m planning to expand as work increases so I can offer business support to even more clients. 
Thank you for reading a little about me and I look forward to working with you should you need assistance. 
Kindest regards 
Carol xxx 
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