Virtual Assitants: Effective Email Marketing
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If you search online for advice on launching a successful email campaign, you’ll no doubt find a
wealth of information about automated workflows, topics and subject lines to use in your marketing

But what about if you’re working as a virtual assistant? How can you tailor this method of digital
marketing to your VA business? How can you successfully wield this effective technique to help you
get more clients?

We’ve put together a few VA-specific tips for creating marketing emails to help you find new clients
and expand your virtual assistant business!

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Highlight your expertise – 
A marketing email isn’t your CV – but that doesn’t mean it can’t showcase your expertise, skills, and 
experience. People don’t sign up for emails just to be pitched, so make sure that your email isn’t too 
obviously self-promoting, but there are ways to subtly highlight your skills: 
  • Showcase your design skills by taking particular care in the layout of your emails and the 
  • design of your graphics. 
  • Highlight your branding skills by using consistent themes, colours and fonts. 
  • Demonstrate your writing skills by ensuring that your emails are well-composed, concise, 
  • and grammatically accurate. 
There are other ways that you can highlight your expertise (for example mentioning)
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Personalise your emails –

When you’re working as a VA, your identity often becomes a part of your brand. People buy from
people, and expressing your individuality in your marketing emails will help potential clients get a
sense of who you are and why they would love working with you.

Express your personality in your marketing emails – include personal anecdotes, comments and
make sure you use your own words. As tempting as it is to get AI to write your emails for you, this
will likely result in a fairly generic email that won’t paint an accurate picture of who you are!

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Provide a CTA –

A CTA (Call To Action) is a great way to prompt users to get in touch, but you have to make it as easy
for them as possible.

At the end of your email, it’s a good idea to place a call to action prompting people to get in touch for
a free chat to discuss their needs and your VA services. Include a link to either a website contact
form or include one on the email itself. Make sure you respond to any inquiries as fast as possible –
VAs are valued for their efficiency and fast turnaround times!

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Avoid sending spam –

The whole point of working as a VA is to save your clients time, so avoid wasting their time with spam messages. Email inboxes often have spam filters in place to automatically detect and filter out spam messages. While the exact list of flagged words and phrases can vary between different email providers, some common spam words and phrases that are likely to trigger spam filters include:

Act now

Instead of relying on buzzwords to get clicks, showcase your efficiency by sending out concise, wellwriten emails that get straight to the point!

Mastering the art of writing effective marketing emails as a virtual assistant is a game-changer that can help you acquire new clients and build your business. As a virtual assistant, your marketing emails can serve as tools to connect with both new and existing clients. So, use these tips and watch as your email campaigns flourish and your VA business goes from strength to strength!