Virtual Assistant: How To Grow A Client Network
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Starting a career as a virtual assistant can be daunting, but it is well worth the leap of faith! Taking that first step into the unknown is worth celebrating, but it’s necessary to hit the ground running and get down to business – after all, you need clients!

We have put together 3 proven methods of growing your client base so that your virtual assistant business can thrive.

1) Memberships

Working as a VA can have its ebbs and flows, so consider offering your clients a membership program.

Both you and your clients will benefit from this; you will get a consistent cash flow and your membership program will offer value to your clients. By signing up to give you regular work with projects and tasks, clients can get a discounted rate.

You can offer bespoke membership packages for clients or perhaps a tiered system. For example, you could offer a 10% discount for clients that commit to giving you 10 administrative hours a month. You could then offer a higher discount for a client who gives you 15 hours, and so on.

Having a membership program will give you more of a consistent income as well as give your clients a chance to get a discounted rate.

2) Referral/affiliates

Another great way of building a client base is to use a referral program. This way, your existing clients can earn credit or a discount if they refer your services to another client.

A referral program is like an affiliate program. As an affiliate, clients could get commission for each new client that they refer to you. Referral programs are often slightly simpler and are a popular and proven way of getting new clients!

3) Partnerships

Consider partnering with others to grow your business together. The great thing about working remotely as a virtual assistant is being able to partner with other VAs. If you have a certain skill, you could partner up with someone who has a different skill and offer a package together.

If you do partner up with someone, choose someone whose skills complement yours. For example, if you manage websites, you could partner with someone who writes website copy and articles so that together you can offer added value to the client.

Partnerships can expand your client network in other ways too. You could advertise each other and recommend each other for jobs.

Growing a VA business takes time and dedication, but once you have a plan, a positive mindset, and some persistence you will be on the right path! Embrace the opportunities around you and you will have expanded your client network before you know it.

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