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At EPVA we are passionate about providing the resources and knowledge that our clients and VAs need so that they can run their businesses efficiently and confidently.

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of resources tailored to support your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking guidance on enhancing productivity, honing your skills, or exploring new opportunities, simply click on the resource of your choice to gain instant access.

If there is something specific that you need but can’t find below please contact us as we would be only too happy to help.

Let’s embark on this enriching experience together, empowering you to reach your goals and beyond.

Resources for VA’s

VA Resources

  • Itinerary template
  • SMART objectives template
  • Minute taking template
  • New client onboarding checklist
  • Remote tools template
  • Email templates for new clients
  • Quotation template
  • 60-second networking pitch examples
  • 100 words and abbreviations list for minute taking.

Systems we Love

  • Canva Graphics
  • Adobe – graphics and Adobe sign
  • Toggl – time tracker
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Xero – invoicing/payment solutions
  • Calendly
  • PolicyBee
  • Survey Monkey
  • Mailerlite
  • OtterAI – recording/conferencing 

121 VA Mentoring & Support

Kickstart your career as a successful virtual assistant with bespoke guidance from an industry expert! I’ve helped countless professionals just like you transform their passion into a flourishing, efficient business.

Other Benefits for new VA’s

Opportunity to Join as an Associate VA: ExecProVA is always on the lookout for associate VAs—a fantastic opportunity for those starting out with no clients. Joining as an associate is a great way to gain experience and start building your portfolio under the guidance of experienced professionals. Please note that we are currently only taking on UK-based VAs to ensure the best possible integration and support.

Accelerated Learning Curve: Mentorship from an experienced VA can drastically reduce the learning curve, helping you to quickly master essential skills and industry best practices.

Avoid Common Pitfalls: With insights from a seasoned professional, you can steer clear of typical mistakes that new VAs often encounter, saving time, money, and stress.

Enhanced Service Offering: Learning from an experienced VA can help you diversify your skills and services, making you more appealing to potential clients and enabling you to command higher fees.

Networking Opportunities: An experienced VA can introduce you to their network of clients, colleagues, and other industry contacts, crucial for building your own client base and professional network.

Tailored Advice and Feedback: Personalised feedback on your work can significantly improve your performance more quickly than working solo. An experienced mentor understands the nuances of the field and can provide targeted advice based on real-world experience.

Confidence Building: Consulting a mentor when facing new challenges or unfamiliar tasks can bolster your confidence, ensuring you feel more prepared and capable as a professional.

Resource Sharing: Experienced VAs often have access to premium tools, resources, and templates that they can share, helping you to operate more professionally and efficiently right from the start.

Professional Credibility: Associating with an established and respected VA can enhance your own credibility and reputation within the industry.

Strategic Planning: A mentor can help you develop a clear business strategy, including defining your niche, setting pricing structures, and effectively marketing your services.

Continuous Support: Having a mentor means you have ongoing support, which can be invaluable during challenging times or when making important business decisions.

Emotional Support: Starting a new business can be daunting, and having a mentor who understands the challenges you face can provide emotional and moral support.



Naturally, when we come into contact with your personal information, we work with absolute integrity and discretion. As a super-efficient team of freelance PAs, we respect your confidentiality.


As top-notch executive assistants and freelance PAs, we have your back. Your business is our business – when your reputation thrives, so does ours.



No, we don’t mean we’re good at chatting.

As super-skilled executive assistants, we facilitate communication in your organisation – especially if you’re bottlenecking things. Whether it’s email, calls, or other communication, we accelerate response times and keep the messages moving.



We’re proactive and foresee your business needs to plan accordingly. We stay ahead of the game, so YOU stay ahead of the game with emails, reports, customer-relationship contact, appointments: all the stuff you push to the side when the work comes in.

A super-efficient executive assistant guides you and supports you, behind you every step of the way and getting the map out when you need direction.

For Executive Assistant admin support please refer to Executive Assistant services

Bespoke packages are available to suit all budgets and dependent on your company requirements – Just call us for a no obligation free quote

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