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'This woman has changed my life completely over this past year. I was able to get funding through access to work to hire her as a support worker/VA (I have ADHD/ASD) and I've never met anyone so enthusiastic about me and my business, so unbelievably compassionate, kind and understanding with zero judgment. She not only makes me feel comfortable to just be my full, unfiltered self but whole-heartedly encourages it and embraces me and my chaotic mind with so much enthusiasm. She's the DEFINITION of a positive role model for someone like me who is so often misjudged and misunderstood. She's a unique breath of fresh air in a highly judgemental, critical world and I wish there were more people like Carol in this world. I absolutely love working with her and her team and I honestly couldn't imagine my life or my business without her now! (My only regret is that I didn't discover her sooner!!!!)_"

– Sally – Buena Vida Fitness

"Carol and her team have been instrumental in the turnaround of my business. Struggling with undiagnosed ADHD and the challenges of COVID, I was on the verge of failure until they stepped in. Their support has been nothing short of remarkable, addressing every aspect of my business with tailored solutions. From bespoke software that streamlines operations to expert social media management, they've ensured every facet of my business is not just functioning, but growing. Their project management expertise, particularly in construction, has been invaluable. With their meticulous attention to detail, I can confidently delegate tasks, knowing they're handled efficiently. Thanks to Carol and her team, I've gone from fearing failure to running a successful business. They're not just support – they're the backbone of my success."

– Phil – Home Solutions Plus Ltd

'Working with Carol and her Team has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Since partnering with ExecProVa last year, Carol and her Team have consistently provided outstanding virtual assistance that has played a significant role in the growth and success of my business. Dedication, punctuality, professionalism, and consistency have been unmatched, ensuring that important tasks are always handled efficiently and effectively. I'm truly grateful for ExecProVa's contributions and highly recommend their virtual assistance services to any business looking for exceptional support.'

– Eweline – EMR Management Ltd

""Carol has been instrumental in helping me set up my new business. As someone with ADHD, I value her ability to implement effective systems and her extensive knowledge of office management. I can highly recommend Carol and her team to anyone in need of additional administrative support. Carol is also an excellent confidante, providing a reliable sounding board for decisions when you're uncertain. With her commitment to going beyond expectations, Carol offers genuine and valuable support.""

– Iain – Pancake Print Shop, Bristol

""I’ve been using Carol’s service for administrative and secretarial tasks at an executive level. I am a very successful motivational speaker with dyslexia and ADHD, so Carol’s service suits my needs fully as I spend less and less time in the office. Carol has produced my business documents in a timely and professional manner. She responds to emails on my behalf and this has proved invaluable as she also follows up to ensure we keep on track. I can highly recommend Carol to anyone in need of a competent, highly efficient VA to assist with their business."

– Cameron – UK’s No 1 Motivational Speaker, Yate

"I met Carol though an online networking group and was impressed at her knowledge, skills and approach. I had been looking for a PA for sometime but could not find the right person. Carol immediately fitted the bill. Carol has gone above and beyond to find out about my business and identify ways she can add value. Carol has helped me with a wide variety of tasks, both big and small. The impact of working with Carol is that I can focus on client work whilst Carol organises the business side of things. Carol is supportive yet happy to give honest feedback when necessary. If you’re thinking about getting assistance with your business then do talk to Carol."

– Julie – Psychologist Mental Health Coach, Bristol 

"Carol is always super efficient at getting tasks done and always replies to any email queries with lightning speed. If you need to offload day to day tasks, this is your lady."

– Emma, Graphic Designer, WSM

"Carol has been a huge asset to my business. If you need to get a job done Carol will do it and she will deliver excellent results. She’s punctual, tactful where required with excellent attention to detail. Carol takes pride in her work. I’ve no hesitation in recommending her to fellow business associates whom I know have been happy with the work she’s produced."

– Laura, Social Media Company, WSM

"Thanks so much Carol for all your help over the past few months, it’s been brilliant to have you as part of the team. Looking forward to working with you again soon."

– Neil, Structural Engineering Company, Bristol

"I’ve worked with Carol for a number of years and she is a very experienced PA with complete professionalism. Carol can manage large capacities of work and will go over and above to deliver for her stakeholders and customers. She has total integrity and respects all levels of confidentiality, I can highly recommend Carol."

– Paula, Communications Manager, Glos

"Carol is an extremely organised and hard-working professional who is able to maintain a fantastic level of calm in any hectic and busy environment. She exudes confidence and is excellent at organising and arranging executive meetings, managing busy diaries and inboxes, and frankly, anything she is asked to pick up. Carol makes herself available to help others when they are overwhelmed with their workloads and makes previously unmanageable to-do lists manageable. Carol is a strong asset to our organisation, her unique skill set makes her a valuable asset to any organisation and I have no doubt she will succeed in her own business. Her determination, proactive, and positive nature has helped everyone she comes across. I cannot recommend Carol’s services highly enough."

– Steph, Founder Of Pure Savvy, Peterborough

"Carol has done a lot of work for me, and I’ve always been impressed by her professionalism and excellent results. I run a very successful business in a regulated industry, and Carol understands my need for confidentiality and attention to detail. I can’t recommend Carol highly enough. If you’re looking for business support then speak to Carol. Keywords: dedicated, professional, cost-effective."

– Ms Sam Hawkins – Hawkins Insolvency Agency, Bristol

"Initially, our goal was to reduce my workload by 5 hours a week, but by delegating tasks to Carol, I actually ended up saving closer to 10 hours and strengthened relationships with my existing clients and found time to focus on additional revenue. Amazing!"

– Rob – Web Designer & Developer, Clevedon

"Carol’s admin support has been invaluable to me and my business. She has great experience in managing a vast array of admin jobs and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

– Joe – Web Developer Didigital Marketer, Bristol

"Carol was my PA for years and was a huge asset not only to me but also to the operation I was running. She’s flexible, adaptable, keen to learn new skills. Most importantly, she made my job easier by supporting me with critical admin tasks, excellent diary management, coordination of both social and work events, budget activity and various ad-hoc pieces of work including arranging national and international travel, co-ordinating roadshows and presentations and supporting with briefings and communications. She would be an asset to anyone looking for support with the day to day running of their business."

– Jackie – Head Of Oprations, Bath

"I’ve been using Carol’s executive service for all sorts of administrative and secretarial tasks in my successful chain of restaurants. I’m not always around during normal office hours, so Carol really suits my needs. She takes notes at our monthly exec meeting, which takes place out of normal office hours, which has proved invaluable to our management team. And she follows up on the actions to keep us all on track. Carol manages our diaries and keeps our quarterly spreadsheets and management holiday chart up to date as well as covering other ad-hoc tasks. Her invoices are clear and show exactly how many hours she spends on my business. I can highly recommend Carol to anyone who needs a competent, highly efficient PA to assist with their business."

– Linda – Restaurant Owner, Clevedon

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