Adobe Graphics

We use Adobe to create professional graphics and manage document workflows, including electronic signing, ensuring efficient and secure business operations.


We use Toggl to track time efficiently, providing clear insights into project durations and team productivity, which helps us manage workloads and streamline operations.


We love using Trello to organise projects and track task progress, enhancing team collaboration and ensuring timely completion of milestones.


We use Slack for real-time communication and collaboration, helping our team stay connected and quickly address business needs.

Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams to communicate with clients who prefer its robust confidentiality features, ensuring secure and private discussions.


We use Zoom for its reliable video conferencing features, which include high-quality audio/video, screen sharing, and virtual backgrounds, enhancing our remote meetings and presentations.


We use Xero for its comprehensive financial tools, which streamline accounting processes, automate financial reporting, and ensure accurate budget management.


We use Calendly to facilitate the scheduling of various types of meetings, whether for client consultations or one-to-one VA support calls, allowing participants to book sessions based on real-time availability and significantly reducing administrative workload.

Policy Bee

Our preferred insurance provider is PolicyBee, known for their efficiency and customer-focused service. They streamline the insurance process, making it quick and straightforward to get covered. Use this link to get an additional £20 off your insurance: Choose PolicyBee for reliable protection tailored to your needs.

Survey Monkey

Our preferred tool for creating surveys and collecting feedback is SurveyMonkey, known for its simplicity and ease of use. It allows us to quickly design, distribute, and analyse surveys, helping us make informed decisions based on user input. SurveyMonkey’s user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can create professional-looking surveys with minimal effort.


Our preferred email marketing tool is MailerLite, appreciated for its simplicity and powerful features. It enables us to easily create, send, and track email campaigns and newsletters, enhancing our engagement with subscribers. MailerLite’s user-friendly interface and robust analytics tools make it an excellent choice for managing our email marketing efforts efficiently.


Our preferred tool for transcription and note-taking is, which we find to be the most accurate with minimal editing required. It transcribes meetings, interviews, and presentations in real-time, enabling us to capture and review detailed notes efficiently. While no transcription service is perfect,’s AI-driven features offer the best balance of accuracy and usability, helping us stay organized and retain critical information.


At EPVA, we are committed to empowering Virtual Assistants to excel through empowerment, integrity, and collaboration. We provide the tools, training, and support essential for entrepreneurial success, ensuring our practices are honest, transparent, and ethical.


At EPVA, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of support and integrity in empowering Virtual Assistants. We take inclusivity in the workplace seriously, welcoming applications from individuals of all backgrounds and abilities, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity. We pledge to provide innovative and comprehensive resources that not only meet but exceed the needs of our VA’s. 



At EPVA, we are dedicated to maintaining open and effective communication, engaging with clarity, responsiveness, and respect in all our interactions. This commitment is integral to our online courses, where learners have direct access to our team during office hours and are guaranteed a response within 48 hours. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to maintain transparency and ethical conduct in all our dealings, a collaborative community where every Virtual Assistant feels valued, supported, and equipped to succeed.  


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