Spring Cleaning For Your Business
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Once the buds start to grow on the trees and the daffodils spring up through the earth, many people turn their attentions to letting the fresh air in and getting rid of the winter’s baggage.

Spring cleaning can involve getting rid of anything unwanted, and truly taking stock of what you have. Spring cleaning need not, however, only extend as far as your home. Your business can benefit from a spring clean too!

We’ve listed a few ways that you can give your business a refresh this spring, allowing you to move forward into a new season feeling as though your business has been rejuvenated.

Are there any areas of your website that aren’t looking quite sleek enough? Are there perhaps new services or products that you haven’t added to your website yet? It’s easy for these small, niggly problems to get overlooked in your busy day-to-day life, but spring is the perfect time to give your site a refresh.

Ask yourself:
• Does your website ‘flow’ for the user?
• Do the pages take too long to load?
• Is your contact information up to date?
• Are there any new client/customer testimonials or reviews that you could add?
• Are there any new services or products that you offer?

A sleek, modern, easy-to-use website will make a huge difference to your business, even if all you make are little changes.

Even huge, long-standing successful businesses update their logo and branding from time-to-time. It doesn’t mean that your old brand colours didn’t work, it’s just that businesses need to roll with the times.

How long has it been since your logo has been updated? Have you always stuck to exactly the same colour palette?

Changes to your logo or branding needn’t be huge changes – even just a very small, subtle update can give your brand a refresh.

It’s never a bad idea to branch out and reach new audiences. If your pool of customers has been slightly stagnant recently, perhaps brainstorm some ideas for reaching new people.

You could:
• Take part in local business events (either online or in-person)
• Offer a promotion for new customers
• Start an account on a different social media platform
• Create a new email marketing campaign
• Connect online with networking groups and other local businesses

As this time of year is synonymous with new growth and change, perhaps take a moment to realign yourself with your business goals. What would you like to achieve this year? Are there any goals of yours that have fallen by the wayside? 
Many people choose to start January off with business goals, but they are forgotten by the time the spring rolls around – Set aside some dedicated time to review your business goals and successes so far this year. 

It’s easy for this to get lost in the day-to-day running of your business but leave it too long and your accounts will be overwhelming and hard to manage. Take the opportunity this spring to organize your accounts and make sure that everything is up to date. It’s better to have a clear, accurate picture of your finances so that you (and your business) can move forward.

How do you like to refresh your business in the spring? Are there any changes you’d like to make going forward?
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