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Yep, you're at the end of a BIG project you and your team have been working on for weeks, maybe longer.  It's coming to an end and you'll be pleased to be able to issue that final invoice for the work you've all put into it.  You may be itching to get started on that next BIG project but can't start it until this job is finished.  

Wouldn't it be great if you could leave the nitty gritty proofreading and editing final stages to someone else?

This is exactly what Sandra did! This enabled her to go onto her next big project with peace of mind.  She was able to send her invoice and keep on track with her next project deadline.  Sandra is so happy with our service she outsources all her proofreading and final editing to us.  She has been able to take on more work from more clients and grow her business far quicker than she thought possible.

We have a qualified team of proof-readers who love to put the final touches to complete the final touch while you start on YOUR next project you know you need to get started or you'll be working late again to meet the deadline! 

We will ensure your work is completely flawless.  We review the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.  Our guarantee to you is we get the job done right first time or you get your money back! 

We will find any errors, both small and large that were either missed or introduced during editing.  Proof-readers ensure that the document's final daft is completely free of grammatical errors (i.e. subject, verb agreement problems, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation usage and incorrect spelling) as well as formatting and typographical errors.  We will also ensure the document adheres to YOUR, and more importantly, YOUR CLIENTS chosen style guide.

Though a proofread is less extensive than an edit, it is an important step when preparing a document to be read by other people, as errors can cause confusion or be seen as unprofessional.

We understand it can be time consuming checking important documents, brochures or handbooks before they go to print.  Why not let us help you? 

Rates can vary and are dependent on the individual job.  Rates are either calculated per hour, per 1000 words, or for the whole project. 


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