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Large Print Transcription

Many people are unable to read standard print and are therefore restricted from accessing large amounts of important information. This includes people with partial sight and people with age related sight loss. Large print gives freedom of access to information. Companies who supply their documents in large print are better able to provide a complete service to their customers and are able to reach a much wider audience.

Producing a document in large print is not as straight forward as simply using a larger font or enlarging the size of a standard print document on a photocopier. The original document must be reformatted and edited with great care to guarantee accessibility to the end user without compromising the original document.

I provided this service for over 8 years while working at a large financial company so am experienced in how these documents should be formatted and offer a highly professional service, transcribing standard print into accurate large print documents. 

What can be transcribed?

All manner of documents can be transcribed into large print. I've listed some examples of the type of documents that I have experience in transcribing:

  • Bills
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Financial information
  • Letters
  • Marketing Literature
  • Minutes
  • Statements

The process:

I receive documents in a number of different ways. The preferred method is receiving documents in an electronic form but I am also able to transcribe from hard copy. Once the document is received it will be analysed and an appropriate layout will be decided upon. It will then be transcribed into large print and reformatted to ensure the greatest level of accessibility. Items such as tables and diagrams are generally replaced or reformatted to enable them to be presented in large print.

The standard typeface that we use for large print is 19pt Arial as it is deemed the font accessible to the largest number of people. 

Secure transcription and quality control

All transcription work is carried out in a secured environment who follow strict security guidelines. This means that clients can have ultimate confidence in All Formats transcribing their highly sensitive information. 

Premium large print at reasonable prices

All Formats have a standard seven-day turnaround time for transcribing information into large print. When desired by the client we can negotiate a faster turnaround time for documents. All of our transcription services are available at very reasonable rates. The cost to transcribe into large print starts from as little as £1.25 per large print page produced. The total cost of transcription varies depending upon the size and complexity of the document.


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Updated: 08-11-2019