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Email Inbox Management

This is a never-ending, thankless and demoralising task.
The amount of time wasted sorting through real email and spam seems to grow. Then the real emails have different priorities.
Everyone forgets to reply to some emails too.

i have developed a method of Email Inbox Management over 14-years and you can benefit from this.

If we go forward together, all you will have to do is answer the most vital of your emails once a day and the less important emails once every 3 days (I send them a standard reply that you’ll be getting back to them on a given date).  This means you would then only need to attend to your email inbox 8 times a week and only deal with the emails that come from me. Nothing will ever be forgotten or missed again.

Diary management

Time is money. Your time is your money. You never get time back and diary errors are not just embarrassing when another person is involved, they’re costly too. You’ll benefit from my extensive diary and calendar management practices. This will make you more time efficient.

After 2-3 months I’d hope we’d introduce some potent time-saving tools into your work week.

 What one of our clients' said:

"It's the first holiday where I truly relaxed knowing that Carol was looking after my emails.  Bonus was I didn't miss anything and she filed over 5000 emails" 


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Updated: 08-11-2019