Project Management Tools For Virtual Assistants
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Whether you’re new to being a virtual assistant or a seasoned expert, there are always new online tools that can benefit you and your business.
We talk a lot about managing your workload and organising your projects as a virtual assistant because, well…we’re experts at it! Our experience as virtual assistants means that we have tested some of the best project management systems out there, so you don’t have to.

You may recall that we had a blog post a while back about “Free Online Tools for VAs” (click here to read it if you haven’t already), but there are plenty more online tools for VAs than can be put into just one blog post!

There are plenty of project management tools out there – and they have only grown in number since the 2020 pandemic. As more companies are working solely remotely, it’s become more necessary to have an online system for organising projects, but how do you know which system is the best for you?

I’ve put together a breakdown of some of the more popular project management systems to help you decide which one is right for you as a VA.

We’ve saved you some time and done the research for you!

A few things to remember:

We’ve included the information on pricing plans for each software up to a large scale company, but if you’re a VA you’ll most likely be looking at either the free or standard/basic plans.

Prices are right as of November 2022, but its always best to visit the relevant websites to find the most up to date pricing information.

Image showing project maagement systems, prices and information

Hopefully this will help you when deciding which project management system is right for you. Don’t forget that you can try out all of the above for free to see how you find it before committing to a paid version!