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Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy - Excel Spreadsheets/Database 

Mandy comes from an engineering background and loves facts and figures.  It always amazes our clients when she's saved them time and money by looking at things from an analytical perspective.

Mandy is our go to lady when it comes to anything to do with Spreadsheets, Excel formulas and keeping your database up to date.

Mandy also loves receipts and invoices. If you already administer your accounts on Xero or Quickbooks, but really don't have the time, and find yourself in piles of paperwork, why not do what our clients do and let her update them for you, saving you precious time.  A system can be fantastic, but is only as good as the person who administers it, so if you don't have time to do this then Mandy is your person.

Mandy joined the team as she wants to have more quality time with her family.  ExecProVA suits her perfectly as she can work from home in her own time.  Mandy feels she has a lot to offer and our clients agree.

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