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Welcome to the gateway of transformation for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and virtual assistants alike. Are you ready to step into a realm where uniqueness is celebrated, challenges are conquered, and success is redefined on your terms?

Introducing our exclusive memberships designed to empower both neurodivergent business owners and virtual assistants who aspire to support them. Whether you’re a visionary entrepreneur navigating the entrepreneurial landscape with ADHD or a virtual assistant eager to specialise in assisting neurodivergent clients, our memberships offer tailored solutions to elevate your journey.

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Membership for neurodivergent individuals

The Paradox Success Collective

The Paradox Success Collective is a vibrant and supportive community that brings together ND individuals who are committed to achieving success in every aspect of their lives. Our members are passionate about learning from one another, sharing experiences, and discovering new strategies for personal growth. 

Are you ready to elevate your entrepreneurial journey with ADHD and neurodivergence? The Paradox Success Collective is here to help you unlock your full potential and achieve success on your own terms! 

Why should you join us? 

Expert Leadership: With over 30 years of successful business management, specialised training in counselling and positive psychology, and an extensive background as an Executive Assistant, project manager, and mentor, your group leader is perfectly placed to steer you towards success. 

A Wealth of Resources: Discover a wealth of tools, strategies, and insider insights, all tailored specifically for neurodivergent business owners. 

Unparalleled Success: Don’t let ADHD or neurodivergence be a barrier. Unleash your unique talents, overcome challenges, and connect with like-minded individuals on a mission to achieve greatness. 

Inclusivity at Its Best: The Paradox Success Collective celebrates the diversity of neurodivergent experiences and promotes a safe space for learning, growth, and connection. 

Membership for va’s

VA PowerUp

Are you ready to revolutionise your approach to virtual assistance by specialising in ADHD productivity strategies? Join VA PowerUp: Transform Your Approach with ADHD Productivity Strategies and become an expert in supporting ADHD clients with efficiency and insight. 

Why should you join VA PowerUp? 

Expert Guidance: Led by an accredited Train the Trainer for ADHD/Neurodiversity and boasting over 30 years of business leadership, specialised in counselling, positive psychology, and a rich background in executive assistance, project management, and mentorship, your leader has the experience and insight to empower your services. 

Specialised Productivity Tools: VA PowerUp offers a suite of productivity strategies, tools, and insights designed specifically to improve support for individuals with ADHD. Enhance your workflow and client management skills with resources tailored for this unique clientele. 

Professional Development: Master the challenges of working effectively with ADHD clients using proven strategies that enhance their and your success. Connect with a community of forward-thinking VAs who are shaping the future of neurodiverse support. 

Inclusive Community: VA PowerUp values diversity and expertise, creating a supportive environment that promotes learning, growth, and professional connection. 

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your professional capabilities as a virtual assistant. Join VA PowerUp today and transform your approach with targeted ADHD-centric strategies that truly make a difference! 

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