Get What You Really Want
Get what you really want from a VA

Get What You Really Want

Cheat Sheet
How To Teach Your Brain To Get What You Really Want

Step 1: What do you really want?

Most people do not know what they want
Some dare to dream but don’t know how to make this a reality
You must be clear on what you really want
Ask yourself the right questions to identify what you want
Look at each desire and assess how this will make you feel
Prioritize a maximum of 3 goals

Step 2: Setting Goals Correctly

1: Your goals need to excite you and inspire you
2: Use the SMART FOR ME goal setting process
3: Use the SMART process for specific, realistic, and measurable goals
4: Use the FOR process for focus, optimism, and readiness
5: Use the ME process to add meaning and make your goals exciting

Step 3: Plan to get what you want

1: If you fail to plan you plan to fail
2: Ask yourself how you will achieve each of your goals
3: Break down your high-level plan into daily tasks
4: Find an accountability partner to motivate you
5: Create an imaginary boss if you need it
6: Don’t share your goals with everyone

Step 4: Controlling your Thoughts

1: You must control your thoughts to get what you want
2: Your subconscious mind is a world beater
3: You are in control of your thoughts
4: You have a higher and lower self
5: Neutralize negative thoughts with positive thoughts
6: Avoid negative people and things
7: Focus on the solution and not the problem
8: Stop living in the past
9: Create and use positive affirmations

Step 5: Develop Mental Toughness

1: Use the Law of Inertia
2: Develop the trait of starting immediately
3: Develop the trait to prioritise
4: Develop the trait to focus
5: Develop the trait of persistence
6: Develop the trait of regularly reviewing your progress
7: Develop the trait of organisation

Step 6: Use the Law of Attraction

1: The Law of Attraction is about like attracting like
2: The Law of Attraction is not magic
3: Ask the Universe for what you really want
4: Think that you already have what you want
5: Believe in the Law of Attraction
6: Believe that you will get what you want

Step 7: Increasing Confidence

1: You will need more confidence to get what you want
2: Identify and tackle irrational fears head on
3: Develop your self-respect
4: Create a physical confidence anchor

Step 8: Daily Routine

1: Start the day off right
2: Read and reflect on your goals
3: Read your statement to the Universe
4: Read your positive affirmations
5: Daily visualisation
6: Make a start on your daily tasks
7: Use a journal
8: Learn something new everyday
9: End the day right
10: Read your affirmations again and plan for the next day
11: Handle inactivity correctly to keep motivated

Step 9: Get what you want Best Practices

Determine what you really want
Set goals using SMART FOR ME
Create a plan to achieve your goals
Control your thoughts
Develop mental toughness
Use the Law of Attraction
Increase your confidence
Develop a daily routine

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