Building And Maintaining Great Client Relationships
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Building and maintaining great client relationships is crucial for any business, but this is especially true for virtual assistants! Clients are a virtual assistant’s bread and butter, so it’s important to know how to not only make a good first impression on a new client but also keep them happy throughout the project.

However, creating strong client relationships takes time, effort, and a genuine desire to understand and meet your client’s needs. We’ll explore the key principles and strategies for building and maintaining great client relationships, from effective communication and having confidence in your abilities to following up after a project has been completed!

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The first step to making and maintaining great client relationships is making sure that your first impression is a good one!
There are a few practical tips I can give you on making a good first impression, but don’t overthink it! Your new client just needs to know that you are friendly, professional, and enthusiastic.

• Be punctual for meetings, whether they are video calls or phone conversations.
• If meeting virtually, check your video/audio settings beforehand!
• Do some background research on your new client before your initial meeting.
• Ask questions to show that you’re engaged in the conversation.
• Dress professionally, even for video meetings.
• Present yourself with confidence – even if you feel a little nervous, your client needs to know that their business is in capable hands. A good way to embody confidence is to be mindful of your posture, speak with confidence, and smile!

When meeting a new client, leave the imposter syndrome behind – Try to have faith in your own abilities! Imposter syndrome can convince you that you don’t know what you’re doing, but as stated in this article from Asana, “you can’t keep your brain from creating stories, but you can centre yourself around the facts.”

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Once you’ve landed a project with a new client, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you have a strong professional relationship.
One of the best ways to do this is to keep the communication flowing.

Make a habit of asking for clarification often – This will make sure there aren’t any crossed wires. You can do this by iterating “back to your client what you have interpreted” so you know that you’re on the right track.

Communicating your process to your client can also help them to feel ‘in the loop’ as you’re working on their project. Keep in mind that your client has come to you because you know more about this area than they do, so make sure to let them know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

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Once you’ve hit send and ticked off every item on your to do list, you might think that your work is done, but maintaining a great client relationship is still important even after you’ve finished a project!

Sending a follow up is a nice touch, and it can even help you land new jobs with the same client.

This proactive step demonstrates your genuine interest in the client’s satisfaction. When you follow up, you open the door for future collaboration. By nurturing the relationship, you remain top-of-mind for future projects or referrals.

Remember that client relationships are an ongoing process, requiring consistent effort and dedication. By investing time and energy into nurturing these connections, you will not only foster a positive reputation but also open doors to new opportunities and continued growth!