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Some Useful Information for anyone thinking of taking this up as a career

Some (hopefully) Useful Information for New VA’s 

I was recently given a book to read as I transcend into the Virtual Assistant world which I’m forever grateful for, called “Virtually Painless” by Kathy Soulsby.  Look her up on www.facebook.com/VirtuallyPainlessVA or @virtuallypainless on Twitter.  A definite must read for anyone thinking about moving from PA to VA.  It’s well written, funny and has loads of useful information.

I  also attended a Business Showcase Event on 10th October and tried out my networking skills for the first time.  I was really impressed with the workshop presenters – one of which was Lord Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, who gave a talk on Social Marketing techniques.  It was dynamic and inspiring to say the least.  If I do nothing else, I’m going to be looking for a famous mentor – one of many tips I will be revealing in future blogs!  GET YOURSELF AN INSPIRATIONAL MENTOR! The next Business Showcase in the South West is on October 2019 – I can highly recommend attending or getting yourself a stall booked. Visit https://businesshowcasesouthwest.com

Last month I started working with a local web designer.  He has his own systems and I've been looking after his projects and co-ordinating the work between the other designers on his team.  I'm also monitoring his incoming emails and making sure he gets paid for the jobs he's done and on track with payments due. I'm building up a good relationship with his clients who say he's far more efficient since I've been onboard helping him.  Rob even has time to spend with his family and friends and recently went on holiday leaving me in charge of his back office.  He realised he needed help and was forward thinking enough to have me work for him as his family is about to grow by two more as they are expecting twins.  

As promised, I said I'd keep you informed about how I was getting on with networking. I do have a separate blog on this you may want to have a quick read of as this will help.  I produced this blog for a local business team and I'm so chuffed my article is going to be included in a book and published by the end of this year.

All I can say is, try to find someone you like and trust as a business mentor.  Follow them on social media and get a feel as to whether they 'fit' you or not.  There are so many people out there trying to get business from you, so my best advice is, CHOOSE CAREFULLY.  Saying that, if you're sure you have the right person who can help your business then just go for it as I think it's a feeling you get, and you'll just know.  Don't just go with the masses and go with anyone online though.  


Hope this helps

Carol xxx


Updated: 08-11-2019