10 Desk Essentials For Virtual Assistants
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When you work as a virtual assistant most of the work you do will be completed at your desk, so it’s wise to make sure your desk is a comfortable place to be!

Whether you work remotely or not, it’s important to make your workspace work well for you. You can’t work at your best if your back is aching from being hunched over your laptop or if you’re surrounded by untidy stacks of papers. We’ve compiled a list of 10 desk essentials for virtual assistants so that you’re ready to take on the day.

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1. Laptop stand
Having your screen at (approximately) eye level is the best way to avoid back problems! A laptop stand will help elevate your laptop so that you’re not hunched over while trying read the screen. Most laptop stands are fully adjustable and can also prevent your laptop from overheating!

2. Comfortable chair
Tempting as it may be to just grab a chair from your kitchen table, this may not be the most comfortable option in the long-term.
You will spend many hours sitting in the chair you work in, so it’s worth investing in something high-quality if you can. Look for one that fits your dimensions and is adjustable. If you are able to afford it, you can even order a chair specifically made to your measurements. A cheaper option may be to keep a eye on local buy/sell/swap pages online.

3. Weekly planner
Having an overview of your entire week is crucial in managing your time effectively. You can create a weekly planner yourself or buy a pad where you can tear off each week. Ideally this should have an overview of each day so that you can see any meetings you have at a glance.

4. Water bottle
It’s easy to overlook the importance of staying hydrated and rely on coffee when you’re busy! Having a water bottle on your desk will serve as a visual reminder to drink more water. A reusable water bottle will also prevent any spillages from damaging your laptop!

5. Desk lamp
A desk lamp will undoubtedly make your desk feel cosier but it will also prevent eye strain. This is especially important in the winter months when it gets dark early.

6. Notebook
Ideally, this should be a separate notepad to your weekly planner. Having somewhere to quickly jot down half-formed ideas, contact information and details during meetings is invaluable. This is a space to note down things messily, so that you can pull out the relevant information when needed.

It’s a good idea to pick a notebook that you aren’t particularly precious about – that way you won’t be afraid to actually use it!

7. Folder
Loose papers and documents will clutter up your desk and make it difficult to concentrate. Consider getting a ‘catch-all’ folder that you can put any loose papers into and then review at the end of the week. Spending a few minutes every Friday afternoon sorting through this folder will make sure that your desk is organized and clutter-free come Monday morning.

8. Cable tidy
Between a desk lamp, a laptop charger, phone charger and anything else you might need, you’re likely to have several wires and cables around your desk. Having a cable tidy can reduce the amount of clutter and keep everything from getting tangled up together. Some can be fitted underneath your desk to keep cables organised and out of the way!

9. Personal touches
Your desk is likely to become something of a second home, so it makes sense to make it feel like one. Personal touches such as an indoor plant, photo frame or noticeboard full of memories can provide something calming to look at when your mind wanders or when you feel stressed.

10. Desk fan
Whether it’s the height of summer or not, sometimes sitting in one room while you’re working can get stuffy. Small fans (either battery powered or powered by a USB cable) are a great way of keeping cool and helping to create air flow.

Once you have set up your desk and have everything you’ll need to work comfortably, you’ll likely find that your productivity and efficiency improves. After all, if you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, it’s worth investing in! 
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